End of Tenancy Cleaning

Are you the tenant of an apartment in Cambridge? The chances are bright that you have to pay a security deposit while leasing the apartment. The owner will refund this money to you at the end of the tenancy. This security deposit helps the property owner refurbish and repair the apartment if you have damaged it in any way, such as damaging the wall paint, the carpets, the furniture, and so on. Try as you might, you cannot avoid damages to the property. If you do not wash your hands of the security deposit towards the end of the tenancy, your best bet is to hire the services of a professional cleaner to conduct the end of tenancy cleaning cambridge. The costs involved in hiring a professional to complete the cleaning job are cheaper than the advance amount that you paid to the proprietor. A quick search on the internet will provide you with information of many cleaning companies. Select a couple of them, preferably those located close to your apartment, and seek quotations from them. Once you have selected a pro cleaner, hand over the job to the one that changes the least amount, but does not compromise with the cleaning job.

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The dilemma owners face

Most property owners calculate the advance amount based on their experience with previous renters. In case you do not complete the house-refurbishing task with the help of a pro, you forfeit the security money. The landowner uses this amount to make the property habitable again. Most of them have tie-ups with house refurbishing companies, as they need their services ever so frequently, meaning that he can get his property repaired at a fraction of the cost that he would have to pay to some other professional cleaner. Cleaning the house and making it habitable again ensures that he gets the best value for his property when he next rents it. When tenants do not take care of their rented property, they damage the walls, the fixtures, and furnishings inside it. It makes no sense in showing a property in such a dilapidated condition to a prospective new tenant, as he will not pay the actual value of the same. If you are already the tenant of a property in Cambridge, you can save lots of money in return for the advance sum paid by clearing the property regularly and maintaining its fixtures and furniture on a timely basis.